About Us

About Us

A Technical Consulting Company You Can Count On

Who We Are

Cyber Artisan employs specialized technology consultants and qualified management executives with more than 20 years of industry expertise. Our team aims to create great experiences and change the perception of digital transformation for our clients. Our business is designed to effectively tackle projects of any size, type, and duration and help companies in various industries in digital growth and transformation.

If you are looking for an alternative to business consulting firms that operate under a model of inflated project teams and focus on billable hours, turn to us. We pride ourselves on our innovative spirit and performance that brings exceptional results and value.

What to Expect From Us

Partnering with a new organization can be scary. This is especially true when you are relying on them in representing your brand, looking for new technology insights, or solving critical challenges. Since choosing the right partner is more about how you work together and what they can do for you, we can give you some insights into how we can help you.


We begin our engagements by discussing your organization’s goals. Our team will ask your leaders how they would like things to progress and assess critical talent and markets. This way, we can learn more about the state gaps and create an effective performance strategy to bridge these gaps.


Once a clear performance strategy is defined, we will begin to design custom solutions for the required changes to your process, technology, and resources. We have the expertise to create and deliver these strategies through various technology ecosystems that can produce results within your specific cultures.


This process will be done once the design phase is completed. Developing a strategy and custom solutions are important for any initiative to succeed. What sets us apart from other firms is our willingness to partner with our clients during this phase. It ensures proper execution and optimization of the solutions, which can improve your performance and allow you to achieve new goals and heights.